Wagyu beef breeding

Wagyu beef breeding

This breed has its origin in Japan and means translated „japanese beef“. This particular breed was mainly used as a working animal on the rice fields and in the mining industry - during its history it was hardly crossed with other breeds. It was not allowed to export the wagyu beef and therefore it was not known outside Japan. The today's population outside Japan comes from animals, which were exported to the USA in the middle of the 1990s for scientific purposes. The wagyu beef is well-known as kobe beef, which is not the quite correct name, because only meat from wagyu beef born, reared, fattened and slaughtered in the japanese region of Kobe may use that designation.

Wagyu beef is high quality beef. It is an extremely tender meat, the taste is based on its unique marbling and is therefore known as the most expensive beef in the world. It has a high level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids shall have cholesterol-lowering effects and prevent several diseases as arthritis, alzheimer and heart deseases. The wagyu meat is an unforgettable taste experience for every palate.

The wagyu beef is divided into different blood groups:Tajima, Kedaka, Tottori, Itozakura and Shimane are the main groups. The most common group is the Tajima line. Its characteristic feature is the high marbling and its extremely fine meat. This blood group transmits also a extremely good temperament of the animals. We are proud owners of three female wagyu beef and so we have the ideal prerequisites for further breeding. Our animals are 100% fullblood Wagyu and therefore no crossing.

We have taken great care to genetically top-quality origins.


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